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Letters of Support

CMEJ has been working on developing an EJ center that will be community centered at 2800 Pacific Street.

Historically the land and the river along this corridor has been mistreated and exploited. The overall vision is to transform the use of the toxic polluting industrial corridor to a corridor of green industries which would benefit the health and wellbeing of the North Side Community. CMEJ is prepared to set an example and precedence of ethical development that enhances our existing community vs. developing around them and in many cases, displacing them. We have identified several priorities of community benefits that our project would provide:

Community Ownership and Voting Power

Affordable Housing

Green Energy Community Access

Jobs and Livable Wages


Emergency Preparedness Training and Education



You can follow this link to sign our petition:






RE: Community Members for Environmental Justice- EPA Changing Communities Grant Dear Environmental Protection Agency:


My name is [your name here] and I am an [background information of the supporter includes job/affiliation or if you are a resident of the Northside].


I am pleased to endorse Community Members for Environmental Justice (CMEJ) application for the Community Change Grant CMEJ is based in North Minneapolis, an environmental justice community - a low-income community of color with multiple sources of industrial pollution generating a legacy of environmental health issues.


Many of their concerned residents and families live or work in areas of the Twin Cities heavily impacted by the legacy of fossil fuel pollution in the state. CMEJ is focused on organizing to push for government policies and decisions that reduce the levels of toxics and other issues identified by the community affecting community health.


As a community partner of CMEJ, we share aligned values and support the vision of acquiring 2800 Pacific St. and repurposing the site for a green, community-owned EJ Center that would open the door for careers within the booming green industry.


We have witnessed CMEJ’s fight for the Northside over the years and to see their efforts produce an opportunity to reclaim 2800 Pacific St. for the use and benefit of the residents of North Minneapolis, inspiring. An EJ Center would be an asset that our community deserves due to the years of pollution and exploitation that has been afflicted on the land, air, water and people throughout history.


We believe that CMEJ has the collective knowledge, vision, and experience to successfully lead this project with the resources of the Community Change Grant.


Thank you for considering this team’s proposal. We look forward to working with these partners to bring the vision to life for the Northside of Minneapolis.


If you have questions about this letter of support, you can contact me at [email/phone]


Sincerely, Super cool supporter / Title / Organization or Address

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