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Hey everyone! 

Quick announcement!!!! 


Our communities have a Bill by Northside Rep Fue Lee and Bobby Joe Champion called the Cumulative Impact bill aka Frontline Communities Protection Act.

This bill is being heard finally in the house on April 13th at 3:00pm and WE NEED ALL VOICES on deck!


Big businesses (who Pollute our Community) are fighting against it saying it’s terrible for business so we need people to come stand in solidarity together and some to testify especially from EJ communities like North Minneapolis. Will you join us next week? If you will and you also want to testify you will need to send your name and organization or title you represent and send to me asap so I can pass it on to Fue Lees office. They have to have you sign up if you want to advocate for this bill. Check out this article about it that just came out about our bill. 

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